LFP Help & Guides


What Is The LFP System?

The HandyCon LFP System is designed to help attendees find games and connect with other attendees at the event. It allows attendees to create and sign up for events/games before and during the convention.

Sign Up And Log In

In order to use the full features of the LFP System, users will need to sign up for an account and be logged in. If you have purchased a ticket in the past, it is more than likely you already have an account.

You can sign up for a new account or log in with your exiting one here.

Finding And Registering For Events

Finding An Event

To find an event, you can browse the full list of all upcoming events by clicking on the 'View All Events' Link in the sidebar menu. From there you can browse all upcoming events. You can click the name of the event to sign up and find out more information. Note that once the start time for an event has passed, it will no longer show on the events list.

Registering For An Event

You must be logged in to your account to register for events. Clicking the link on the name of an event will take you to the event details. From here you can register for the event under the 'Reserve Spaces' section. Choose the number of spaces you would like to reserve and press 'Reserve Space(s)'. You can also provide a comment for the event creator should you wish. Note that the Attendees list and reserved spaces for the event may not change until you have refreshed the page (but your spaces will be reserved regardless).

Viewing Your Bookings

You can view all events you have signed up for on the 'My Bookings' page, accesed from the sidebar menu. Here you will see a list of your upcoming bookings.

Cancelling A Booking

You can cancel a booking for an event on the ‘My Bookings‘ page by clicking the ‘Cancel’ button in the row of the event you want to cancel your booking for.

Creating And Managing Events

Creating An Event

To create an event, go to the ‘Manage Events‘ page. Click the ‘Add New’ button in the top right of the page. This will take you to the Add Event page. Fill out the fields and click ‘Submit Event’ to create your event.

Event Name – The name of the game you are looking to play/event you are hosting.

When – The date(s) and time(s) you want to host the game/event. You don’t have to put in an end date/time (if you are not sure or don’t want to). You can click the ‘All day’ toggle if the event runs for the entire day.

Please Note: If you are looking for players at the time you are posting the event, we suggesting scheduling the event for 15-30 minutes ahead of time as the events list will only show upcoming events.

Where – The location you are hosting the game/event. You can select a room or even a specific table number. If you are unsure select ‘TBD’ (To Be Determined). You can edit this later when you decide on a location.

Details – Here you can include any details about the event you want people to know, for example if you will be using an expansion or are looking for somebody to teach the rules.

Bookings/Registration – If you specifically want people to be able to reserve spaces for your game/event, then check the toggle and set the max number of spaces. Be sure to include a space for yourself if you are attending! You can sign up to the event and reserve a space yourself once it has been created.

Viewing, Editing And Deleting Your Created Events

You can a see a list of all events you have created on the ‘Add/Manage Events‘ page. You can view details about an event as well as edit, delete and manage bookings for your events from here.

Viewing And Managing Bookings For An Event

You can view and manage bookings for your events on the ‘Add/Manage Events‘ page. Click on the View/Edit Bookings link to be taken to the bookings management page for a specific event.

You will be able to view all bookings for the event, as well as reject/delete any bookings. Rejecting a booking will email the attendee to notify them that their booking has been rejected. Deleting a booking will not send an email and will remove it from the bookings list. 


Who Can See My Details?

Your Display Name is the only information that will be displayed publicly. It will be displayed in the following instances:

  • In the attendee list for an event you have reserved spaces for.
  • In the ‘Host’ field for an event you have created.

The event creator of an event you have reserved spaces for will also be able to see your Display Name when managing bookings for that event and be able to view your bookings for all events they have created.

Changing Your Display Name

You can change the name that is displayed when you create or sign up to an event from the ‘My Account -> Account details‘ page. You are welcome to choose any name but please keep it free of profanity and be sure it does not breach our Prohibited Conduct policy in our Terms and Conditions.

Terms And Conditions

By using the LFP system you agree to the terms stated on our Terms and Conditions page.

Privacy Policy

You can find our full Privacy Policy here.


Report A Bug

Something not working as it should be? Please email Dan.


There is currently no way to disable emails within the LFP system. This is a feature we will be looking to add in the future.

You can, however, block emails from the LFP system via your own email client.