Memoir 44 Overlord – Sword of Stalingrad

Day: Fri

Time: 15:00 - 18:00

Location: Cedar Suite 1


Can you do defend Stalingrad against the mass German advance?

Memoir 44 Overlord is a team game for 6-8 players and a lot of fun. Why might you want to take part? …… Well you can have a look at this!

All welcome, you dont need to have played M44 before. If you are a newbie, come 15 minutes before the start and I will explain the base rules. I’ll be there throughout and hopefully not playing so I can guide players through any rules issues.

Host: guy

Available Spaces: 0 of 8


  • Adrian
  • Tycho
  • malcontent76
  • duns.scotus
  • glenn
  • graham.pannell
  • guy

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