HandyCon Mini Games Challenge!

Day: Sat

Time: 19:00

Location: Cedar Suite 1


The HandyCon Mini Games Challenge returns! Join teams and play a number of short dexterity/kids games, scoring as best you can. This tends one of our most popular events that is a lot of silly fun. Don’t worry if you don’t have a team, we will arrange teams at the event.

Host: HandyCon

Available Spaces: 16 of 40


  • dan.p.cope
  • jfaulkner83
  • torin
  • sarahjanestreet74
  • dannystreet
  • bexxxx
  • makingupthenumbers
  • James Kenny
  • aj
  • malcontent76
  • graemeknuckey
  • Jarek
  • james25182
  • damien.cosgrove
  • spike1981
  • gary_dent
  • neilhunter1982
  • dave
  • Linnet

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