Lets Talk About: The Hegemony Suite

We have been enjoying Hegemony a lot recently (A LOT!) so Handycon have teamed up with Hegemonic Project Games to offer the Hegemony Suite. A large conference room with Hegemony permanently set up and lots of bookable games on the game organiser.
Volunteer Martin Abrahams have offered to teach and run games throughout the weekend and if they can’t be found, then seek out Paul Frohnsdorff-Harris at Reception who would happily give you a brief rundown.
It is not for the faint of heart at 3-5 hours, but we think it is definitely worth it and encourage people to use this opportunity to try the game or play with people who have already played and try a new class.
Please use the Hegemony Suite to run your games of Hegemony. We are very grateful to Hegemonic Project Games for their kind donation.