Let’s talk about… ALL THE GAMES!!!

One of the best things our attendees report about HandyCon is the time and space for open gaming – and we want to keep it that way.

Although we are constantly adding to the HandyCon games library, we know that we can’t offer everything and there is only one copy of each game, so naturally you will want to bring some of your games with you to play. Deciding what to bring and what to leave at home can be somewhat heartbreaking at times – and the temptation is to bring as many games as possible, just in case. However, space is limited, accessibility is a priority, and safety is also a major concern.

We therefore request that you give extra careful thought to the number of games you bring and where you store them during the event. We know that difficult choices about which games to bring and ensuring they are kept in hotel rooms and/or cars (out of sight, we recommend) may be a slight inconvenience at times – but in January we had some issues with blocked aisles and unusable gaming space, and one person was actually injured by someone with a large board games backpack. For these reasons we ask you to please make thoughtful decisions around bringing and storing games, so that we can all have space to enjoy open gaming without feeling too crammed in or struggling to move around the building.

Thank you and see you soon!