Last Chance: Grab Your Blue T-shirt in Time for the Convention!

Hello, everyone!

As some may already be aware, we are offering a limited selection of merchandise for the October HandyKon event!

If you’d like a stylish limited-edition blue T-shirt in time for the convention, we recommend placing your orders by the 9th of October (Monday). Please be aware that orders placed after this date may not arrive in time for the convention, but you can still place orders until the end of the month. Also, it’s worth noting that we are using a print-on-demand service for the Blue T-shirts, so they won’t be available for purchase at the convention itself. You can only buy them online, and after October, they may become available again at the end of 2024.

Additionally, we have only 30 units of our limited HandyKon mugs available this year! You can secure yours by making a purchase on our website and collecting it at the HandyKon reception during the convention at any time.