Introducing… The HandyCon Rock, Paper, Scissors: BATTLE ROYALE!

Will you be the ultimate champion?

HandyCon Rock, Paper, Scissors: Battle Royale is a social, con-wide game designed to be played over the duration of the entire con. Participants will each have a set of cards with Rock, Paper, and Scissors. Just like in the regular game, participants challenge each other to a duel and each play a card. The winner (Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock) collects the losers card as a trophy.

The player who submits the most trophies by 2pm on Sunday will be declared the ultimate Rock, Paper Scissors: Battle Royale Champion! The winner will also receive a £10 voucher to put towards tickets, t-shirts or whatever they please in the HandyCon webshop. Each trophy submitted by the deadline will be counted as an entry into the runner-up raffle where you can win some Rock, Paper, Scissors themed prizes!

We only have 100 packs which will be available first come, first served. There is a limit of 1 pack per person.

You can find more details and the full rules at: