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18th – 20th January 2019


Holiday Inn Maidenhead
Manor Lane

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Opening Times & Registration

Opening Times

The con is open from 9am Friday 18th January until 8pm Sunday 20th January.

Single and Two Day tickets permit entry from 9am until late on the relevant date(s).


When you arrive at the hotel, please make your way to the HandyCon registration desk (note that this is not the hotel reception desk!) located near the entrance to pick up your pass.

Please bring your ticket with you, in either printed or digital form, to speed up check-in. If you do not have your ticket with you we will need you to provide some form of ID.

HandyCon registration is open from 9am until late each day.

Travel & Parking

Car Parking

There is free parking on site at the venue for attendees (first come, first served). There is an automated parking management system in the hotel car park, but it shall be turned of from 7am on the Friday until 1am on the Monday. If you are arriving or departing outside of these times, be sure to register your car at hotel reception.

You can also park in the surrounding roads, which are free to park. You can find more info in our FAQs.


The nearest train station is Maidenhead Railway Station. The venue is only a 20 minute walk or a 15 minute bus ride away.


The nearest bus stop is in Norreys Drive, which is located in the road opposite the venue. You can find bus times for the westbound route (towards town) here and eastbound route (away from town) here.

Open Gaming

Open gaming is available for the duration of the convention. We have a large main open gaming area (Berkshire Suites 1-4) and the areas near the bar as well as a few other rooms on the first floor (Cedar Suites 1 – 4).  You can find a map of the space available hereAre you coming along on your own or do you just need some extra players? No worries! We have a number of options to help you find people to game with:

Looking For Players (LFP) System

This is our web-based LFP system, which allows attendees to create and sign up for events before and during the convention. You can check it out here!

Players Wanted Signs

We will have 'Players Wanted' signs that you can display on your table to let people know you are looking for some extra players.

Message Board

We will have a message board near the front desk you can use to write messages and organise games.

Facebook Group

Some of our attendees like to try and prearrange games on the HandyCon Facebook Discussion Group.

Games Library

The Games Library is open to all attendees for the duration of the convention. If you wish to borrow a game from the library, just write your details on the board provided. You can browse our library below using Cardboard Butler, which gives you some nice filters to help you find what you are looking for, or view it on BGG.

Please be sure to return all games in the condition you found them.

Cardboard Butler
View library on Cardboard Butler
View library on boardgamegeek.com



The Breakfast Club

09:00 to 12:00 - The Breakfast Club

Location: Tournament Zone

Ever find yourself lost at a con, wondering what to do and wishing you were in a John Hughes movie? We have the perfect solution, minus the teenage angst. Between 9-12 on Saturday, we will have a few tables set aside for lone rangers, wandering spirits and people who hate reading rulebooks. Our talented team will be on hand to pick out the perfect game and teach the rules, while you relax and have a cup of tea. Its just like games night, but without all the stressful bits, and more Judd Nelson jokes. No need to pre book, just turn up.

19:00 - Mini Games Challenge!

Location: Cedar Suite 1

The HandyCon Mini Games Challenge returns! Join teams and play a number of short dexterity/kids games, scoring as best you can. This tends one of our most popular events that is a lot of silly fun. Don't worry if you don't have a team, we will arrange teams at the event.
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13:00 - Skull Tournament

Location: Tournament Zone
A great, easy to pick up game perfect for pretty much anyone who likes bluffing! There are no entry requirements (the game is very simple to teach).
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17:00 - Great Western Trail Tournament

Location: Tournament Zone
Yeehaw! America in the 19th century: You are a rancher and repeatedly herd your cattle from Texas to Kansas City, where you send them off by train. However, the “Great Western Trail” not only requires that you keep your herd in good shape, but also that you wisely use the various buildings along the trail. Also, it might be a good idea to hire capable staff: cowboys to improve your herd, craftsmen to build your very own buildings, or engineers for the important railroad line. Prior knowledge of the rules is required.
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13:00 - Flamme Rouge Tournament

Location: Tournament Zone
Flamme Rouge is a fast-paced, tactical bicycle racing game where each player controls a team of two riders: a Rouleur and a Sprinteur. The players’ goal is to be the first to cross the finish line with one of their riders. Players move their riders forward by drawing and playing cards from that riders specific deck, depleting it as they go. Use slipstreams to avoid exhaustion and position your team for a well timed sprint for the win. No entry requirements (the game is simple enough to teach)
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War Chest

17:00 - War Chest Tournament

Location: Gaming Rules! Demo Zone
Hosted by Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules!
War Chest is an all-new bag-building war game! At the start of the game, raise your banner call (drafting) several various units into your army, which you then use to capture key points on the board. To succeed in War Chest, you must successfully manage not only your armies on the battlefield, but those that are waiting to be deployed. Prior knowledge of the rules is required, but Paul will be available in the Gaming Rules! Demo Zone to teach the game to those interested on the Friday and Saturday.
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10:30 - PitchCar Grand Prix

Location: Cedar Suite 3 & 4
PitchCar is a dexterity game where players each have a car (a round wooden disc) that they flick around the track, to see who can be the first to finish the race. It’s a ton of fun, and easily one of the best dexterity games around. The Handycon Grand Prix is raced over a huge track and the first player to complete one lap is the winner. All skill levels are welcome. Laughs, cheers, oohs and aahs are guaranteed!
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Paul Grogan of Gaming Rules! will be demoing various games throughout the convention. You can view and sign up for all Gaming Rules! demos here.

Asmodee UK will also be in attendance demoing a number of modern classis as well as some newer releases for you to try.


Playtest Zone

Come and play yet to be released games and give your feedback to designers! We will have many games including:

Captain Scarlet

2-4 players ~60 mins. Semi co-operative story game based on the Gerry Anderson show

Dice Hospital Expansions

2-4 players ~60 mins. Testing new content for Dice Hospital, including Patient Collections and Infectious Diseases.


In BeerFest the players are revelers at a beer festival who aim to have the best time ever by drinking good beer and having fun but not getting too drunk. It is a light competitive game for 3-8 players, that typically lasts for 30-60 minutes.


If you are a designer and have a game you would like to playtest at HandyCon, you can find more information and purchase space here.

Bring & Buy

Opening Times:

Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 8pm

For Sellers:

You do not need to pre-register items into the Bring & Buy.

Fill out and attach the post-it notes provided (or use your own) to each individual item you wish to sell. Be sure to include the name, price and any relevant details about the item (such as missing pieces or if it includes any promos or expansions) as well as your name and mobile number.

You can also download and list your items for sale on our Bring & Buy sheets (pdf here, docx here) and display them in the Bring & Buy.

We ask for a discretionary donation of £1 per item sold to be donated to our elected charity (donations can be made at HandyCon Reception).

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst we provide a space to help facilitate trades, the HandyCon Bring & Buy is not staffed and all items entered in the Bring & Buy are left entirely at their owners’ risk. HandyCon does not accept responsibility for any items lost, damaged or stolen.

For Buyers:

Feel free to browse the items in the Bring & Buy at any time. Please try and handle the items with care and try not to accidentally remove any attached post-it notes. Try to put any unwanted items back as close as possible to where you found them.

If you find an item you wish to purchase, use the mobile number provided to contact the seller. Note that you must contact the seller and finalise all purchases before removing items from the Bring & Buy.

General Advice & Considerations:

  • You can list all your items for sale on the Facebook HandyCon Discussion Group to prearrange trades.
  • Price your items to sell. We recommend using boardgameprices.co.uk to find the current brand new price of your game to use as a guide.
  • We only have limited space. We ask that sellers are considerate with the number of items they enter into the Bring & Buy. If you have a large number of items, we suggest leaving some in your car/room and entering them into the bring and buy once others have sold.


HandyCon 5 will be raising money for Dementia UK, which provides Admiral Nurses for families affected by dementia.

You can enter the HandyCon Raffle, raising funds for Dementia UK, here.


The CCG and Boardgame Social

Barny Baker from The CCG and Boardgame Social will be there for the duration of the weekend with a selection of games for you to purchase. If there is anything specific you would like Barny to bring along for you to purchase at the con, please get in touch with him beforehand.


For those of you wanting to stay on site, the Holiday Inn Maidenhead, we have managed to negotiate the following room rates:

  • Double Room – £55
  • Twin Room – £65
  • King Bed Room – £65
  • King Bed Executive Room – £80

All room rates include breakfast and have a £5 double occupancy suppliment.

These room rates are available from Thursday to Sunday night for both HandyCons, so you can stay the night before and the night after the con at the special rate.

Rooms can be booked online using the Group Code (found under the ‘More Options’ toggle on the bookings page) ‘HC1’ for HandyCon 5. Alternatively you can call the hotel on 01628 506070 and quote the above code.

Although the total accommodation available on site has increased, we advise booking early to avoid disappointment.

Food & Drink

At The Hotel

Food: We have special HandyCon menus available throughout the convention:

– HandyCon 5 Standard Menu

– HandyCon 5 Gluten Free Menu

– HandyCon 5 Vegan Menu

Drink: Free tea, coffee and iced water will be provided for attendees, available from the refreshment stations (for which attendees are encourage to bring their own travel mugs to cut down on waste). The bar also serves Starbucks Coffee and various soft and alcoholic drinks.

Drinks vouchers will also be available for purchase:

£15 for 5 alcoholic drink vouchers
£10 for 5 non alcoholic vouchers

You can find details of what is included and purchase them at the bar.

Nearby: Maidenhead town centre has many restaurants and shops and is just a 20 minute walk away, or 15 minutes by bus.

Please note that no food or drink (other than light snacks and water) can be brought or ordered in to be consumed in the public areas (such as the bar or any area of the convention). Food and drink not purchased at the hotel may only be consumed within bedrooms.

Local Restaurants, Eateries and Food Establishments

Ratings are all Google Ratings (number of raters) – anecdotal feedback based upon information received from Handycon guests, locals and Captain Frohnsdorff-Harris.


On the doorstep


Subway – at the Garage just outside the Hotel.


In Maidenhead


Ross Fish Bar 4.5 (116)

We’ve heard good things if you like fish and chips. Simple but gets you out of the hotel.

Gandhi Indian Restaurant 4.2 (135)

Flavio’s Café Bar Restaurant 4.5 (153)

Pizza Hut 3.6 (137)

Francesco’s 4.2 (164)

The venue for the first Date of Mr and Mrs Handycon. 3 years later they were married, she’s still trying to work out what happened.

Noodle Nation 4.0 (279)

Vivasa – Authentic Indian 4.4 (177)

The Gourmet Chicken Company 4.5 (181)

Miyazaki 4.6 (195)

Pizza Della Mamma 4.6 (142)

The Bistro Story 4.5 (174)

Chutney Jacks 3.8 (183)

Bianco Nero 4.4 (116)

Thai Orchid 4.5 (228)

Absolute favourite of Mrs Handycon who often dispatches Mr Handycon for double take-away (one Thai Green Chicken curry and Coconut rice for now and one for tomorrow) anytime she has had a rough day or he needs to apologise for being a terrible husband.

 Toby Carvery 4.0 (743)

Further afield


Emperor of India 4.2 (115)

Hinds Head 4.4 (422)

Heston Blumenthal Gastropub

Crown at Bray 4.3 (294)

Heston Blumenthal Gastropub

Caldesi In Campagna 4.7 (118)

The Fat Duck 4.6 (463)

Heston Blumenthal Gastropub

Belgian Arms 4.4 (176)

George on the green 4.3 (155)

Riverside Brasserie 4.0 (168)

The Fifield Inn 4.3 (112)

HandyCon Restaurants 1
HandyCon Restaurants 2

Harassment Policy

HandyCon is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone who attends. Please behave respectfully to all other attendees, ensuring all can feel safe and enjoy themselves regardless of gender, gender identity, sexuality, appearance, race or religion.

Physical and verbal harassment will not be tolerated and the organisers reserve the right to take appropriate action including warning the offender or expulsion from the convention with no refund, and in some cases informing the police.

Some examples of harassment include:

  • Offensive verbal comments
  • Explicit sexual images or references
  • Deliberate intimidation
  • Unwanted attention or following of persons
  • Unwanted recording or photography
  • Sustained disruption of games or activities
  • Innappropriate physical contact
  • Unwelcome attention, including sexual remarks, jokes or taunting, leering, staring or suggestive gestures

To report harassment: If a request to stop behaviours does not get the desired result or there are continued problems with one gamer, please report the problem to a member of the HandyCon team.

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