HandyCon 2 Info and FAQs

Good afternoon HandyConners!

With only 3 days to go until HandyCon 2, whether you already have one HandyCon under your belt or if you are a newcomer, it’s a good time to let you know what to expect at HandyCon.


Games, Games, Games!

HandyCon is all about playing games. We have a large main open gaming area as well as several smaller rooms for tournaments and events. This time we also have use of the bar area and platformed area next to the restaurant.

Are you coming along on your own or do you just need some extra players? Like at the previous HandyCon, we will have ‘Players Wanted’ signs for anyone looking for extra players as well as a noticeboard for anyone looking to organise a specific game. Don’t forget that the HandyCon Facebook group is also a good way to pre-arrange games before the event.


Opening Times, Registration and Ticket Pickup

The con is open from 9am Friday 11th August until 8pm Sunday 13th August. When you arrive at the hotel, please make your way to the HandyCon registration desk (note that this is not the hotel reception desk!) located near the entrance to pick up your tickets and lanyards. Please wear your lanyards whilst at the con so we can be sure who should be there. HandyCon registration is open from 9am until late each day.



Parking is available at the venue free of charge for all HandyCon attendees. The car park is large and should be more than enough to serve all attendees.


Food and Drink

This year we are introducing the new and improved food ordering system! Each room has a colour and table numbers. When you go to the bar, state the colour and number and your order will find you as soon as it’s done.

Feel free to eat biscuits, sweets, chocolate an other snacks of your own on site but please be respectful and don’t eat other more substantial foods at the venue as there is a restaurant and bar at the hotel. PLEASE NOTE: Only alcohol bought on site at the hotel bar is to be consumed on the premises.


Tournament Sign Up

You can pre-register your interest for some of the various tournaments on the HandyCon Facebook group but there will be sign up sheets for tournaments at the event. Please note that most of these are first come, first serve, but we will do our best to accommodate people if we can.

We currently plan to host tournaments for:


Flamme Rouge



Eclectic Challenge!

When you arrive you will get a list of different types of games. As you play each type over the weekend, write it down and if you complete the list hand it in with £1 (for charity) to go into the eclectic draw for a chance to win a big voucher at Barny‘s stand. You don’t have to play them all with different people, but it does make you awesome if you do.

The list is currently: Euro, Party, card, gateway, Dexterity, silly, new (you learnt it here)… have we forgotten any?


Bring And Buy

This year the Bring and Buy will be garrisoned by our very kind volunteers. It will run each day and shall be locked when closed. A small fee of 50p per item entered will be donated to Reuben’s Fight. If you would like to help out and volunteer please contact Paul.

There is no pre-registration for entering items into the Bring and Buy. Just bring your items along to the Bring and Buy room and use the post it notes provided to display details of the item (if required), price and your contact information. Please note that no bags may be taken into the Bring and Buy and all items must be paid for by contacting their owners before leaving the Bring and Buy room.


Playtesting Area

If anyone has any games they want to playtest in the Playtest zone on Saturday then please get in touch with Paul to book a slot. Refloristation, Dice Hospital, Scrumpy and KaleidoCards will all be available to play with the possibility of a few others.


Friday Family Zone

On Friday the 11th August we will have a dedicated Family Zone, focused on family games and games tailored towards younger gamers. There may also be Haribo!

Please note that the Family Zone is not supervised and all under 16s are the full responsibility of their accompanying adult(s) at all times.


Barny Baker’s The CCG and Boardgame Social

The magnificent Barny Baker will be at HandyCon from The CCG and Boardgame Social for all your gaming retail needs.  Please feel free to contact him to request he brings specific games for your purchasability.


Closing Date for Online Tickets

The cut off point for purchasing tickets online is at midnight on Thursday 10th August. If you wish to purchase tickets after Thursday you will be able to do so on the door at the event (subject to availability) but please note that we can only accept cash.


HandyCon Facebook Page

If you have not already, please like and follow the HandyCon Facebook page for more info and announcements.


So there we go! More info can be found on our website.

If you have any questions or concerns please do get in touch and we look forward to seeing you all this weekend!