Game Finder Quick Start Guide

Game Finder Quick Start Guide – HandyCon 7


The HandyCon Game Finder is an online tool designed to help attendees plan games and find others to game with at the event. You can access the Game Finder by visiting or via the link in the menu.

Game Finder Menu

We do have a reasonably comprehensive Help & Guides page which covers how to use most of the features of the Game Finder, but for those of you who want a brief overview of how to use the main features, here is our Quick Start Guide!

The Game Finder has three main features:

Designed to allow you to create and sign up for events in advance of (and during) the event. You can set a specific number of slots and have people sign up. This is great for trying to find others to join your game ahead of time or to browse and join up to games in advance.

These are designed to be quick announcements let people know you are looking for players right now and will appear on our big screens in the main rooms (and possibly elsewhere). You cannot set or reserve slots. Think of them as digital ‘Players Wanted’ signs.

You can send messages to other users to help organise games and chat!

Here’s a closer look at each of these features:

Scheduled Events

Browsing and signing up for existing events.

You can browse a list of all upcoming events here or by clicking ‘Scheduled Events’ in the menu. Click on an individual event to find out more information about it and sign up for available slots.

You must be logged in to sign up for an event. Under ‘Reserve Spaces’, select the number of slots you would like to book (if only one slot is available you won’t be able to choose) and click ‘Reserve space(s)’. You can also add a comment for the event creator should you wish.

Reserve Spaces

You can view a list of all events you are signed up for under ‘Scheduled events -> Events I’m Attending‘.

Cancelling your slot

If you can no longer attend an event you have signed up for, go to ‘Scheduled events -> Events I’m Attending‘. Click ‘Cancel’ under the ‘Cancel Booking?’ column to cancel your booking.

Creating an event

You can create your own events by going to ‘Scheduled Events -> Add/Manage Events‘ and clicking the ‘Add New’ button in the top right.

Add event

You can find more details about creating events on the Help & Guides page.

Players Wanted Requests

View all Players Wanted Requests

You can see a list of all Players Wanted Requests on the ‘Players Wanted Requests‘ page. You cannot reserve slots for requests – make your way to the location listed to find the other players.

Players Wanted Requests List

Note that Players Wanted Requests do not expire and cannot be deleted once they are posted, so pay particular attention to the ‘Posted:‘ field. This will tell you how long ago the request was posted and therefore how likely it is to still be valid.

Posting a Players Wanted Request

Note that you do not need to be logged in to post a request.

Go to the ‘Players Wanted Requests‘ page and click the ‘Post Players Wanted Request’ button. Fill in the form, hit submit and voila! Note that if you don’t have or know your table number, you may want to include more info about how to find you in the ‘Additional Information’ field.

People cannot reserve slots so these are more ‘fire-and-forget’ announcements that you are looking for players. You do not need to do anything once you no longer need players. Requests cannot be deleted or edited once posted.

Private & Group Messaging

Sending a message

You can view and send messages on the ‘My Profile -> Messages’ page.


You can send a message to multiple users by adding their @username to the ‘Send @Username’ field separated by a space.

And there you have it! A quick overview of the most used features that will hopefully make you ready to use the Game Finder. You can find more details on how to use the system on the Help & Guides page.


Note that the Game Finder is a work in progress and we are keen to test new features and adapt to feedback. If you have any specific ideas or want to get involved with the development of the system, please email Dan.