Code of Conduct

We care about inclusive, safe and happy gaming spaces and as such we have a Code of Conduct which we expect all attendees, volunteers, exhibitors and staff to abide by. This is applicable to both the conventions and the online space surrounding them (Facebook page, group and events, Game Finder and any other online or social media spaces).


1. Good manners: please be courteous and respectful to one another. Every person has an equal right to game and to enjoy the convention. Please take particular note of preferred pronouns, respect for accessibility needs, the right of individuals to use whichever toilet they wish, and the quiet gaming area.


2. Good hygiene: it is your responsibility to be clean and fragrant for the benefit of the whole community. Please ensure you shower regularly, wear deodorant or anti-perspirant if needed, wear clean clothing and freshen up when needed. One careless person can make an entire room uncomfortable in this regard.


3. Sensitivity: please be aware that some people are new to gaming, or like to play different games than you. Consider if your behaviour could be interpreted as dismissive, intimidating or off-putting to other members of our community. Everyone is welcome at HandyCon, whatever their level of experience or commitment to gaming. Only offer advice if it is wanted or asked for.


4. Alcohol: please feel free to drink responsibly, but remember that it is the choice of others whether to drink or not, and that persuading others to drink or pressuring them into doing so is not appropriate. Drinking is not synonymous with fun and people may choose not to drink for a variety of valid reasons personal to them. Alcohol is not an excuse for loud, aggressive or inappropriate behaviour.


5. Harassment: please remember that everyone has a right to enjoy their hobby in a safe and non-sexual environment, and no-one should be sexualised without their consent. Remarks about gender, sexuality and any kind of touching without consent are not acceptable or respectful. Take your lead from the person themselves and listen if someone tells you – with words or body language – that they are uncomfortable. Apologise if you have crossed a line. Please refer to our anti-harrassment policy for more information.


Breaching this Code of Conduct may result in:


  • a quiet conversation or private message with a member of HandyCon staff
  • removal from the HandyCon Facebook page, group or events
  • reporting of comments to social media provider which may result in a ban
  • removal from the current HandyCon event and hotel site
  • being barred from a future HandyCon or all future HandyCon events
  • informing the police if deemed necessary


We recognise that everyone makes mistakes and that sometimes pointing them out can feel uncomfortable and challenging, which is why in the first instance we will attempt where appropriate to respond with a quiet conversation or private message. We are all trying, and we all care about making HandyCon an excellent community to be part of.


Thank you for your support.