Welcome to the Bring & Buy area at HandyCon!

The perfect opportunity for board game enthusiasts to buy and sell games that they no longer need or want. If you are looking to add to your collection or you have some games that you’d like to sell, the Bring & Buy is the perfect place for you.
The Bring & Buy will run from the first day of the convention 9 AM until 4 PM on Sunday, being locked overnight from 6 PM on Friday and Saturday, giving you plenty of time to browse the selection and make some great purchases.
For HandyCon 10, we kindly request that you purchase stickers from the front desk in order to place games in the Bring & Buy section. Each sticker is priced at £1, and every penny collected will be donated to our designated charity, “Willen Hospice“. Your support will help us raise funds for this wonderful cause!

HandyCon 10

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When bringing games to sell at the Bring & Buy, please ensure that each game has a label with the name of the game, your name, phone number and price. It’s important to be able to meet people at the Bring & Buy stand for the transaction, and we recommend that you bring your own cash change or have payment options like PayPal or bank transfer ready.
“Please note that Bring & Buy events may have varying rules and guidelines that differ from convention to convention. We recommend checking the posters or information provided at the Bring & Buy area. These guidelines will ensure that you are familiar with any specific requirements or procedures in place for that particular convention.”
While we will try to have a member of the HandyCon Crew at the Bring & Buy stand at all times, please be aware that if something happens and the staff need to leave for some reason, the Bring & Buy may be closed momentarily.
We understand that you’ll need to leave your games at the Bring & Buy area while you enjoy the event, and we want to assure you that we’ll endeavour to have a member of the HandyCon Crew at the stand all the time. However, please note that any games left at the Bring & Buy area are left at the owner’s risk. While we’ll take precautions to ensure their safety, we cannot take responsibility for any losses or damages. We kindly ask you to be aware of these terms and be comfortable with them before leaving your games at the Bring & Buy area.
Lastly, we have created a Facebook group for the Trading games (Click here) in case people want to start showing their games before the event. This is a great opportunity to generate some interest in your games and get sales done before you arrive.
Overall, the Bring & Buy at HandyCon is a fantastic opportunity to buy and sell board games and connect with other board game enthusiasts. So, make sure you visit the Bring & Buy area during the event and see what treasures you can find!

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