August 2020 Exhibitor Announcement: Bad Cat Games

We are pleased to announce that BadCat Games Studio will be joining us as an exhibitor for HandyCon August 2020! You will find their stand in the main lobby area near the HandyCon front desk demoing their upcoming games, such as:

Dreamescape – a solo narrative story-driven exploration of the Dreamlands setting of H.P. Lovecraft. Rather than using a hefty tome of linked paragraphs, the game uses a clever multi-use card-based system to explore the Cthulhu Mythos infused setting where you don’t simply follow one of the five plus story lines in a linear fashion, rather you create the story as you experience it through your choices in every encounter. Escape the nightmare!

Zen Monkeys – a mid-weight worker placement euro for 2-4 players that explores the Chinese cultural legend of Monkey King. As well as the more classic aspects of resource collecting worker placement games, Zen Monkeys combines a set-collecting puzzle tile placement element that rewards players who can multi strategise.

You can find out more on their website at