If you have any specific accessibility requirements, you can call the hotel on 0871 423 4901 or inform the hotel upon arrival. You can also contact the HandyCon team via email should you have any concerns or specific needs.


Stairs are required to access the first floor gaming areas and the toilets in the basement area. The vast majority of open gaming space, tournaments and events are on the ground floor, but stairs are required to access the following:

Basement Level: Gender neutral toilets

First floor: Cedar Suites 1, 3 & 4 (mostly used for open gaming), Cedar Suite 2 (Quiet Gaming Area)

Andalos: There are some stairs down to the Andalos area, but this area can be accessed via ramp by going through the adjacent doors to the spa (5 on the map) and through a second door to the space itself.

Bar/Andalos stairs – up

Bar/Andalos stairs – down

Ground floor to 1st floor (Cedar Suites) – up, first set of stairs 

Ground floor to 1st floor (Cedar Suites) – up, second set of stairs 

1st floor (Cedar Suites) to ground floor  – down, first set of stairs 

1st floor (Cedar Suites) to ground floor  – down, second set of stairs 

Basement to Ground Floor (Berkshire Suites)  – up

Ground Floor (Berkshire Suites) to basement  – down

Accessibility Priority Tables

We will have a number of accessibility priority tables located near the entrance to the main hall (Berkshire Suite 1). Whilst anyone is welcome to game on these tables, we ask that attendees are mindful of leaving these tables free for those who may need them if alternatives are available.


Accessible Toilets: Accessible toilets can be found on the ground floor between the hotel reception and the bar. Please note that these are gender segregated.

Gender Neutral Toilets: There are a set of designated gender neutral toilets on the basement level, which are, regrettably, only accessible via stairs outside Berkshire Suite 3. One set of toilets is cubicles only whilst the other contains cubicles and urinals.

Gender Segregated Toilets: There are gender segregated toilets by the hotel bar on the ground floor and on the first floor outside Cedar Suite 4


We ask that all attendees are mindful of others and keep noise to a reasonable level. However, the main open gaming areas are usually noisy throughout the duration of the convention. We do have a designated Quiet Gaming Room, Cedar Suite 4, on the first floor (only accessible by stairs) in which we ask attendees keep noise to a minimum.

Guide / Assistance Dogs

No other animals other than guide or assistance dogs are allowed.

Carer Tickets

We want everyone to be able to come and enjoy HandyCon and offer free tickets for carers. If you are attending and need a carer to facilitate your visit, please get in touch with us at [email protected] for more details.