30 Days To Go!

Just 30 days until HandyCon 6! With this milestone comes an update we are excited to share with you.

Game Finder System

The HandyCon LFP system has been upgraded and renamed the ‘Game Finder’. We think this is a little less of a mouthful compared to ‘The Looking-for-Players System’.

We have also added a new feature: The Activity Stream.

We listened to feedback and many people said that although the LFP system was good for scheduling games in advance, it wasn’t great for finding players if you wanted to get into a game ‘right now’. The Activity Stream will hopefully help solve this issue.

Users can post updates, much like on many social media platforms, that other attendees will be able to see and reply to. This will hopefully be a good way to arrange games and find players on the fly, as well as interact with other attendees. We will beam the Activity Stream to the big screens at the event.

Users can also upload profile pics, add friends, use direct messaging and more. You can explore the Game Finder system here, or look at our Help & Guides section for more details. You can also edit your privacy settings from your profile.

Another added feature is the ability to comment on events. This will hopefully make it much easier for event owners and attendees to communicate with each other.

We also want to be clear that the traditional ways of finding players at the con will still be there and even if you don’t use the Game Finder, you will still be able to find a game. We will still have ‘Players Wanted’ signs, the Breakfast Club and our marvelous HandyCrew available to help get you into a game.

Note that the Game Finder is still very much in a beta state, and if you find any bugs or issues please get in touch with Dan.

HandyCon 6 Game Design Contest

Game design contest

HandyCon 6 will play host to the second Board Game Design competition, run by HandyCon in association with Gaming Rules! We are delighted to announce that Paul Grogan will once again be part of the judging panel for this year’s competition.

Entrants must submit a sell sheet with details about their design (such as the name, theme, mechanisms, player count, etc.) via the form below, with the 4 shortlisted individuals or teams going on to play test their prototypes at HandyCon 6, followed by pitching to the panel of judges. The winning team will take home both glory and prizes!

You can find more details and enter here.

Playtesting Table Bookings Live

Playtesting tables are reserved for games still in development. They can be a great way to get your prototype in front of attendees and receive feedback on your designs.

You can book a playtesting table and view the requirements here.