We have sole use of the Conference room facilities comprising a large spacious room, a medium room and several smaller gaming rooms in addition to a further Lounge and Bar area for lighter/less space dependent games. This gives the event a capacity of 220 gamers this year.

The bar will stay open until the early hours and there will be a special HandyCon menu announced shortly.

Food & Drink

Feel free to eat biscuits, sweets, chocolate an other snacks on site of your own but please be respectful and don't eat other more substantial foods at the venue as there is a restaurant and bar at the hotel.

Only alcohol bought on site at the hotel bar is to be consumed on the premises.

After the breakfast laid on by the hotel there will be access to the restaurant at all times. A special HandyCon will become available shortly before the event. Please advise hotel of any dietary requirements. The bar has Starbucks Coffee and a number of bar snacks in addition to many alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

There are a few restaurants (Frankie & Benny's and T.G.I Fridays) in the neighboring retail park, along with a Costa Coffee, McDonalds and ASDA supermarket.


We have negotiated special room rates for HandyCon attendees:

£55 for twin (must have 2 names when booking) and double rooms.
£85 for Family rooms.

All rates include breakfast.

More information is available on the Holiday Inn website.

To book rooms, contact the hotel directly on 01494 492441 and let them know you are attending the Con, quoting code 'BK5'.

Anti-Harassment Policy

HandyCon is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone who attends. Please behave respectfully to all other attendees, ensuring all can feel safe and enjoy themselves regardless of gender, gender identity, sexuality, appearance, race or religion.

Physical and verbal harassment will not be tolerated and the organisers reserve the right to take appropriate action including warning the offender or expulsion from the convention with no refund, and in some cases informing the police.

Some examples of harassment include:

Offensive verbal comments
Explicit sexual images or references
Deliberate intimidation
Unwanted attention or following of persons
Unwanted recording or photography
Sustained disruption of games or activities
Innappropriate physical contact
Unwelcome attention, including sexual remarks, jokes or taunting, leering, staring or suggestive gestures.

To report harassment:

If a request to stop behaviours does not get the desired result or there are continued problems with one gamer, please report the problem to a member of the HandyCon team.